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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Liars; a theory

I have an idea on how people can lie successfully and because I have this blog the "internet" has to know. It starts with the question, what makes somebody a great liar? The obvious answer is somebody who you trust not to lie to you. That's easy enough, just let everyone trust you then lie. That sucks though so don't do that. Moving on. Another obvious answer would be people who suck at lying.

I'm building up to some very good lying advice here so bear with me or don't and just read the conclusion.

In order to be a great liar people must think you don't lie very often and you don't lie well. Tell very good lies and very bad lies. The bad lie make people think you aren't a very good liar and the good lies are for getting away with shit. The bad lies will shield the good from suspicion.

More specifically tell lies that make you look bad. For example, you stumble through the door and your significant other asks you where you've been(angrily)

                          Why would you cheat on Brad and Eli you whore!

Yes, like that, to which you reply.... "I'm sorry, I was out with my friends getting drunk." which is a lot better than "I was out cheating on you." You will still get reprimanded but it could be worse...

TL;DR Tell lies that make you look bad to keep from getting caught.


  1. so are you saying that a person can't be a well-known liar AND good at lying? Nobody can be known for being good at lying??